• Paul Cummins

New radon monitors make you the scientist!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Who doesn't love data? These monitors help you stay in control of your family's safety! Radon amelioration is all about improving venitilation. There are many benefits of improving air flow in your basement and/or crawlspace... getting rid of moisture, spores, combustion materials and radon. Be sure to check out the fans designed for this on previous blog posts at this site. For radon, usually a vent pipe is placed in the sump and a fan run continuously. Sometimes, just making sure the sump has a tight cover can reduce radon levels sufficiently. 4 pCi/l or below is what you're looking for on your monitors. Remember, they're taking weighted averages of very low concentrations so use common sense to decide whether something has changed dramatically in your basement or something may be wrong with the monitor.

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