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It is a privilege to be invited into your prospective home!

You can expect me to be on time, thoughtful, objective, and thorough. Any questions or problems that come up during the inspection will be documented and reported to you promptly. The normal fee includes a 2.5 hour inspection, 30 minute review onsite, 1-hour  written report completed offsite, sales tax, transportation, and continuing support as needed.  


Since I do not offer mold remediation services, I can provide unbiased testing and advice informed by whole-building inspector training.

Please note that I only sell you my advice: any other contractor may try to sell you things you don't need or drastically inflate their prices. 




  •  Structural problems in foundation due to poorly graded adjacent driveway.

  •  Bathroom fan venting to attic causing mold.

  •  Full gutters causing rotted eaves.

  •  Hose spigot, without internal shut-off, caused interior pipe to split and leak when thawed.  

  •  Copper pipe joint broken due to settling of heavy steel drainpipe.  

  •  Spalling bricks on chimney possibly weakening structure.

  •  Pin-hole leak in steel sink-trap, missed by plumber:  rotting out cabinet.

  •  Rusty nails and black mold streaks in attic due to soffit vents blocked by insulation.

  •  Counter unsupported over dishwasher.

  •  Loose electrical connection to microwave oven.

  •  Leaky toilet seal causing water to flow out of ceiling light!

  •  New valve on water main installed further inside old leaky valve, meaning if old valve failed, house would flood.

  •  Pipe knocking caused by high efficiency washer near water main: recommended simply closing supply valve a little.

  •  Chaetomium mold growing on basement joists due to poor ventilation.

  •  Faulty flashing on flat roof threatening pergola.

  •  Failed grout causing deterioration of shower wall.

  •  Three-prong outlets un-grounded.

  •  Asbestos pipes used for heating ducts.

  •  Whole side of roof failing due to poor ventilation.

  •  Eaves on whole house threatened due to lack of drip edge flashing under shingles.

  •  Completely deteriorated vapor barrier leading to mold.

  •  Lack of "high loop" or airgap in dishwasher discharge leading to possible contamination.

  •  Leaky water main valve, leading to possible flooding.  

  •  2 by 10 trusses separating from ridge board possibly resulting in complete collapse of roof.

  •  Scorching at connection to one of the hot leads in an electric panel, presenting a fire hazard.   





  • Original wood windows in good shape.  Recommended painting and new storm windows, saved $30,000.

  • Broken main kitchen drawer needed new guide and addition of support brace.  Saved having to replace cabinets. Otherwise they just needed a couple coats of paint.

  • New laminated counters are very inexpensive, well designed and look like granite.

  • Shorter models of dishwashers solve problems with getting “tiled in” after renovated floors.

  • Ceramic tile in basement sealed floor and eliminated water seepage.

  • Water problems in basement solved with extending downspouts at least five feet from the foundation.

  • Double carport awkward size.  Recommended screened in porch with 2X10 decking floor.  Now the envy of the neighborhood.

  • Ugly side yard was fixed with simple wooden fence, raised garden beds and pea gravel. 

  • Water treatment recommended in bricked corner planting area close to house.

  • Suggested glass door to utility room to allow light into large room from basement window.  

  • Traffic jam of drainage pipes from downspouts eliminated with double rain barrels.

  • See QUICKTIPS section for 100's more ideas.  

Here are documents you might encounter. Please read the first one before the inspection. 
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