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                                                                                      "I TEACH HOUSE SCIENCE!"    

                                                                                         Paul Cummins M.S., M.Ed.

                                                                                      ASHI Certified Home Inspector                                                                                    


Buying a house is like getting married: there are countless variables floating around in your head, yet the decision is

ultimately made by your heart. Let me worry about the details. 


Given my systems approach, as a past science teacher, I can help you feel confident your new house is sound:

 I am a licensed home inspector who works in VA and DC. 

No Surprises' reports are created with interactive Home Gauge software.  

They include links to products and repair ideas from Quick Tips (below). 

 I spend about an hour extra at home adding relevant links.


There you will also find my regular contributions to ASHI's monthly publication. 


Let No Surprises Home Inspection get you off to the best possible start with your residence or


My MOLD TESTING services include a mini-home inspection looking for all moisture sources. 


I also test for RADON.

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White Grey Kitchen

Paul knows his stuff! Was on property early. Extremely gracious of his time answering all questions. Used technology to great extent and offered future assistance in supporting my information needs as a new homeowner.

Frank M.
November, 2023

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