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Great grass!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Easy grass growing! In early fall or spring simply spread Pennington Smart Seed (needs less water, guaranteed to grow!) and cover with about half an inch of Miracle Grow or Vigoro lawn soil (which has up to six months of fertilizer in it) and just make sure it has enough water to get established (on hot days you may need to water twice a day). Needs care all season to develop strong roots.

Having moved from Illinois, where there is 100 ft of loamy topsoil and you can actually put your foot on a shovel and have it go into the ground, to Virigina where you need to heave a pick ax at full force to make a dent in the soil, I always wondered about those European settlers who where so excited about planting in Virginia. But there have been centuries of planting since then, with many forests cut down and tons of cotton and tobacco planted. So we are now left with clay. To build up organic matter in the soil I noticed with the lawn at Mount Vernon, in the spring and fall, they aerate, seed, cover with peat moss, then fertilize. So I've done the same with the lawns I manage. If you want a simpler way just do as in the first paragraph each spring or fall.

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