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NVAR Spotlight July, 2016

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

July 2016: NVAR Affiliate Spotlight: Paul Cummins 1. What interests you most about our industry?

I have always been intrigued with the way things work and how they fit into a whole, plus I love teaching. Used to teach biology, chemistry and physics. Now I teach house science! 2. What is one piece of advice or something you wish Realtors® knew about your job?

Pretty simple, we're all there to give clients the best possible service. The more they know about the house the better. The more interest you show during the inspection the easier it is for me to do my job. 3. What is one tip you can share about your business that outsiders would never think of?

Well, success in any field depends on putting your heart into it. I have never really just done one thing. My website, for example, has blogs on all sorts of things you can find wrong with a home as well as tips on cleaning, decorating, home safety and my books, the latest of which has a home inspector surrounded by Saudi royalty and Bosnian spies. 4. What was your most impactful professional learning experience?

The first thing I built that I could fit in (just barely) was a fort using scrap wood at age five. It was just my mom and me so I would try to fix everything thinking if I had to do it three times, it would still be cheaper than hiring someone, or at least I would know how to do it next time. As a teacher I specialized in middle school, so that helped me cultivate patience! 5. Any funny/odd stories involving Realtor® clients? (won’t use names of course)

Everyone has something that really gets to them, but it's tough when it seems to defy rationality. I had one poor man, obviously of above average intelligence, bounce up and down on his hardwood floor again and again making it squeak. I said that is was differential expansion caused by changes in humidity, about 20% in the winter and 40% in the summer, nothing to be done about it. Was even able to check the integrity of the sub-floor. He just kept bouncing and asking me what caused it... 6. If you had to choose one game show or reality television show to compete on which would it be?

Well, The Bachelor seems to have it pretty good but I'm sure my wife would have something to say about that!

"Photo is the reflection of me with my mask and headlamp preparing to go into an attic. My reflection is in a child's toy. The photo signifies the importance of what I do. This is someone's home. Children sleep and play here."

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