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Holidays are Complicated

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

They bring families together and remind us older folks of what we've lost and our current imperfections. Christmas always sent my Jewish roomate's family to Florida to avoid carols and decorations. My Muslim friends generally stay put.

This is a tree on a music box that was made by a friend of my mother's before I was born. I used to blow on the whistle visible about a third of the way up. It is my most nostalgic Christmas item and plays Oh Come All Ye Faithful, which isn't a bad motto!

Many of you know I like to write. One Christmas I wrote a little ecumenical story about a mother who was usually sad at Christmastime. This year she lost a particularly special ornament that she had made with her mother long ago. As it has an adventure across faiths, the lost Cardinal plays a role in giving her a fresh view of the season.

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