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You're selling a house and can't find the garage door remote?

This baby is called a universal remote control. It works for Chamberlain, Linear, Genie, Stanley and Wayne Dalton openers. I was expecting perhaps an hour of frustration and even complete failure making this work with my mother-in-law's house that we just finished getting ready for sale. She had a 2007 Chamberlain. No kidding, you get on a step ladder; open the BACK of the opener unit; pull the cover down on the remote; press and release the tiny program button on the remote, then press and release the program/learn button on the opener; then press one of the buttons on the remote down the number times specified on the chart provided (it was three times for mine because the light on the remote was purple/blue) and then a wonderful sound is made by the opener and the remote works!

Click on image for link.

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