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Nice Pipes!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

No they don't sing, but you will the blues if they freeze next winter when it's 10 below! Utility rooms are either treated as indoor spaces or outdoor spaces. Indoor means you don't have to insulate the air ducts or the water pipes. I often see a confusion of identity, like an insulated room, connected directly to outside air, with uninsulated ducts..which means condensate on the ducts in summer and lots of wasted conditioned air all year long. So if we insualte the ducts it might get cold enough in the winter to freeze the pipes. Therefore we can wrap the pipes with heating wires that have a thermostat on them and plug them into a thermostatic plug (turns on at 35 degrees F and off at 45 degrees F) so no further care is needed. Be sure to wrap the hot water pipes too! They're only hot when somone turns on a hot water tap...not late at night when all mischief occurs! Click on image for link to wires...find the thermostatic plug nearby.

Frost King.jpg

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