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Managing the daily grind...

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

We all have disposer stories. My mom would fill the sink with vegetable peelings every Thanksgiving and then try to grind them all down at once..."Clogged!" "Sad!" My stupidest disposer moment was when I put a whole two week old pork roast down the drain. Took $40 of drain cleaner and 24 hours to remediate that early morning fiasco. We had a French visitor who was fascinated by the concept of disposers. Really, how hard is it to just throw debris in the trash? Yet this is America where convenience rules.

So this is a picture of a model I just put in at my house. It is an upgrade. A mid-range model has the advantage of less noise, more grinding power, and a longer warranty. If you are replacing a Badger with a Badger the old fitting can be used and they just screw on. Note that new code requirements specify wet rated conduit for the wiring. Click on picture for link.

By the way, new code requires all under cabinet wiring to be in wet rated conduit like this. If the disposer is directly wired it needs wet rated conduit too.

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