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New Regs for Home Inspectors

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

I've gotten a number of inquiries from you all about what happens July 1 in Virginia. Up until then you could do a home inspection and not be certified by the State. On July 1 all home inspectors must be licensed by Virginia. We who were already certified will automatically become licensed. There is an additional requirement regarding inspection of new homes. We all need to take an 8 hour course in Fredericksburg to make sure we are up to date on current codes.

More about code: you know owners of older houses are not required to bring them up to current code but where safety is concerned we still encourage certain changes. Virginia follows the International Residential Code. So, if you have any questions about what's required just look up "International Residential Code: SUBJECT." Like one realtor friend just recently looked it up for garage entry door requirements. Much of the IRC is actually developed at Virginia Tech.

ASHI is still the only third party that "certifies" inspectors by doing a criminal background check, verifying your state license, requiring that you do at least 250 paid inspections and checking three of your reports at random.

It is a pleasure working with you. Thanks for making NSHI a success!

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