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Tank you, tank very much!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Never thought I'd have a career where I walk around jiggling toilets! Hence the ever present Purell wipes! There are two parts we really want to be well attached. The tank connects to the bowl which connects to the toilet flange on the floor. If the tank is loose it will leak water. I often push them back and water squirts out. The tank is attached with gaskets and brass bolts. The problem is, if you tighten them too much you will crack the porcelain. Usually the gaskets just deteriorate, like in my rotator cuff! Click on the image above for both products.

Wackiest client feedback so far: just moved in and found their toilet was filling with hot water! They wondered why I didn't notice that... ummm I wonder... because it has never happened before in the history of time! Let's break this down. First off, who would ever plumb a toilet with hot water? Second, for me to discern this someone would have had to run hot water for at least 90 seconds and the toilet would have had to fill right before I walked by and I would have had to put may hand in the toilet bowl... So, we're talking about a minor amount of water anyway, with some benefits on a cold day! I am rather demonstrative when I talk to clients about a seriously DIY house, as this was, but now I have a noteworthy example of things one might encounter!

Wow, this is a predicament! Boa came in through the roof plumbing vent in Australia. I chide my family members for not flushing enough to get all the toilet paper down. Now I have a strategy for getting them to take me more seriously!

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