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Air "Fresheners" and Safety

Fabuloso not so fabulous! This pervasive cleaner made its way north from South America to homes and offices everywhere, until it was found to harbor a dangerous bacterium. I can't stand its aroma, nor that of any other perfumy thing. An article in the POST today says you can't trust what's in any so-called air freshener, even the "natural" ones. Manufacturers are not even required to say what they put in them. The EPA says that 75% of them may pose health risks.

My excellent sense of smell really helps in detecting gas leaks and oil spills, but it means I can't stand anything but fresh air inside. Good air, good light, are the first things buyers perceive upon entering a house. I've seen shoppers leave within 5 minutes if the home smells musty.

Lots of plug-ins does not bode well for selling prospects either. I've mentioned before that I recommend sellers keep the HVAC fan on continuously to assure there is no stagnant air. Turning a bathroom fan on in the basement works too. Or, open some windows in good weather.

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