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Don't weight for the bathroom floor to flood!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Just did the second DC condo in a row that had a 4 inch shower berm on the floor. That's not much to save you from a wet bathroom floor. So I wondered if such things as weighted shower curtains exist. They do! But these have magnets that are designed to adhere to enameled steel tubs. See the little dark circles near the bottom?

The game changers are these very serious magnets that you attach to the curtain to give it substantial inertia.

Of course, I lined up the four sets in a nice line along the bottom of the curtain I installed in our master bedroom shower (3 inch berm). Then, when I pushed the curtain open, they all glommed on to each other. These things are so substantial, one set low on the shower head side and other set about a foot up on the other end worked great.

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