• Paul Cummins

Best gutter guards

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Here's a house where the gutters have become planters!

Cleaning gutters (and anything else done on ladders) is a major cause of death among men of a certain age. It also results in cut hands and a messy yard below. I have found that Gutter Helmets work best. Designed like an air foil (wing or sail) debris, except for some pine needles, falls over the gutter and water, because of its high cohesion (hydrogen bonds) sticks onto the guard and just wraps around into the gutter: except at the seams and with a really heavy downpour. The company will come and prepare for a new roof when you get new shingles, so they really will last forever. Click on top image for link.

Screens and foam just get the gutters clogged worse with smaller debris.

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