• Paul Cummins

What can happen to a new house in a year!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Called in to do a check up on a new house before their one year warranty was up. Here are some of the problems I found.

Erosion down left side of house: need terracing and downspout extender.

Wires patched through concrete: needs to be redone through metal conduit.

Low spot in driveway will cause cracking and decay: needs a channel drain put across it.

Condensate causing efflorescence on plenum: needs insulation.

Seal failing on water heater: needs repair or replacement.

I just did an 11 month check-up on a new house and found it had no venting for the plumbing and the builders had left out an HVAC register in a basement bedroom...just can't take anything for granted! DANG.


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