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Drip Edge Flashing Saves Roofs

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Here is drip edge flashing over the eave. If you have a gutter, the bottom edge would go over the gutter so that water couldn't duck behind the gutter and rot out the eave. I commonly see sheds built with the plywood sheathing exposed (with no flashing) so that the ends simply absorb water and decay the bottom foot or so of the sheathing.

These are the rake edges of a roof. Without drip edge flashing here, the shingles will curl easier and water will find its way under the edges of the shingles. Both these flashings cost about 50 cents a foot.

It has been an IRC code requirement since 2012: R905.2.8.5 but VA excluded it. Still most builders and conscientious roofers install it.

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