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Shingles that look new for a long time

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Like most of you I had damage to my house after the two days of 50 mph gusts. The 5 by 11.5 inch tabs on a couple dozen shingles ripped off and flew everywhere. Called my friend Josh from JGL roofing and he asked me how old my roof is. I said it's probably about 10 years old but looks like new. He said I have Certainteed shingles. "They look new for the whole life of the roof." Wow, and the only tool I have to gauge roof age is the appearance of the shingles and the condition of the sheathing in the attic. So, if want long term roof curb appeal, get these!

By the way, I called Josh at 7 am and his crew was done at 1 pm!

Click on image for link.

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